N. Tucker Makes Climate Interesting In Latest Article About The California Drought

California is in for more frequent, longer and more severe droughts than ever before! After reading through the research from NCAR, Nichole M. Tucker wrote a climate article, revealing that in Calfornia, droughts are the new normal.

Bald Eagles Are No Longer Endangered, NMT Writes A Riveting Science Article

Just a few years ago, Americans had to search high and low to spot a Bald Eagle. Now the species has re-emerged, making the East Coast of the United States their home. In a new article, written for The Inquisitr, Nichole M. Tucker, the cause of the endangerment of Bald Eagles was finally revealed.

NMT Writes About Matthew McConaughey’s Upcoming Civil War Film

The movie trailer for Matthew McConaughey’s upcoming film shows the talented actor giving a strong performance. In Nichole’s new article, her personal appreciation for American Civil War films shines through. In the article, Tucker wrote:

NMT Writes About The Need For More Progress, 152 Years After Lincoln Signs The Emancipation Proclamation

One hundred fifty-two years is a long time., but in the case of racial equality in America, it is not long enough. There is still much work to be done, and Nichole M. Tucker writes all about in her latest article.

Tucker Captures Demi Lovato’s Sobriety, Looks Into The ‘Addiction Epidemic’ Demi Says Exists

Is there really an epidemic of addiction in the United States? Demi Lovato recently spoke out about her own battle with drug abuse, and Nichole M. Tucker has gathered statistics on the entire country which show that Demi Lovato may be on to something. Just how bad is it?

Why Are Black Churches Thriving In A Country That Is Becoming Less Religious? NMT Has A Clue

Christianity is in decline in the United States, but one demographic of people holds onto to the faith, allowing their churches to continue to thrive. Black churches are the only churches in America who are not hard hit my the modernization of society. Why?

Most Black Women ‘Marry Down’ According To A New Study, NMT’s New Article Examines Why

In America, black women are the most likely to marry men of lower economic and educational standing. This trend is caused by the economic gap between black American men and men of other races. In her latest article, “Research says African-American Women Are The most Likely To Marry Down,” Nichole discovers that because of theContinue reading “Most Black Women ‘Marry Down’ According To A New Study, NMT’s New Article Examines Why”