Nichole M. Tucker began her career in Communications just a few months after graduating with her B.A. in Mass Communications from Virginia’s premier HBCU, Virginia State University. Not too long after beginning her role as a Communications Specialist in the healthcare industry, Nichole had pitched herself as an online journalist for various online publications. Her first writing role was covering music reviews for the publication formerly known as FDRMX.

In 2014, knowing she had much more to learn and accomplish in her field, Tucker set out to enhance her education. But, being a known adventurer, studying within American borders just wouldn’t cut it! Nichole went to Ireland to study Media and International Conflict at the National University of Ireland – University College Dublin. She graduated a year later with her M.A. degree.

In 2015, Nichole M. Tucker published her first chapbook, “The Upside of Insanity,” independently, to build an audience of readers, in preparation for larger literature projects. During the same period of time, she began building a reputation as a freelancer and started her own independent contracting firm, Tucker Town Communications. In 2016, Tucker branched out on her own and has been maintaining high-level clients in multiple industries ever since.

Read this press release to find out with Nichole M. Tucker is doing in 2018!

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