NMT Discusses Beyonce At Super Bowl 50 In New Article

Beyonce has a flare for the dramatics and the 2016 Super Bowl was no exception. Nichole M. Tucker’s latest article touches on Beyonce’s political statement at the football game and analyzes Beyonce’s new music video “Formation.”

In her article “Beyonce Get’s Into ‘Formation’ With Sexy Black Panthers: Here’s What She’s Trying To Say,” NMT reveals the truth behind Bey’s astounding imagery. Tucker open the article with similar dramatics:

“Beyonce ‘came to slay,’ on the lawn of Levi’s Stadium where the 50th Super Bowl is being played. What no one expected was that Beyonce would bring a group of women with berets upon their heads to help her ‘get into formation.’ But that is just what she did and, there’s a good reason why.”

NMT article for The Inquisitr, includes a timeline of Black American history to show just how deep Beyonce’s “Formation,” goes. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.


[Feature photo courtesy Hollywood Reporter]

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