New Article By NMT: The Beatles Fail To Find Fans Within Millennial Pool

In a brilliant article about millennials discovering The Beatles, Nichole M. Tucker writes:

“The only true difference between millennials and boomers is music. Both groups are quick-moving, political only on things that matter to them, and terribly sex-crazed. The music is fast and more computerized now, but the love songs are still about love, and nothing is new under the sun, right?”

This latest  NMT article is partly an analysis of modern pop-culture trends but is also a response to an article written by Rachel Mantueffel for the Washington Post. Her 2015 article titled “Today, Boomers Should Get Over Yesterday,” states that The Beatles don’t live up to their hype. In her latest article “Millennials Have Discovered The Beatles Thanks To Spotify, But The Are Not Impressed,” Nichole M. Tucker disagrees.


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