Why Are Black Churches Thriving In A Country That Is Becoming Less Religious? NMT Has A Clue

Christianity is in decline in the United States, but one demographic of people holds onto to the faith, allowing their churches to continue to thrive. Black churches are the only churches in America who are not hard hit my the modernization of society. Why?

According to Nichole M. Tucker latest article for The Inquisitr, it’s all about culture.

“…for most black Americans, church is more cultural than anything else. While religion does serve as the basis of the culture, the black church is often the place where blacks socialize, gather politically and even for psychological counseling. Unlike many other churches where religious leaders many tell members of its congregation to seek medical help, the black church always says “look to God.” This is all only a small part of a much bigger picture.”

This article titled: “Why Black Churches Are Thriving While America’s Christianity Is In Decline,” was a viral article in it’s first 24 hours of publication. You can read the article here.

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